Escort Your Own Group to New Zealand

Wuld you like to escort your own group to New Zealand?

Groups with a common interest often enjoy travelling together – we can put together a customized, private tour group for wine lowers (touring a selection of wineries throughout New Zealand), whale watchers, or golf enthuiasts.  Or how about a group of adventure-adrenalin junkies?  Lord of the Rings fans?   Groups can be found just about anywhere!  The only limitation is your imagination.

You can also escort your group onboard a cruise.  You can pick from one of our group cruises, or pick another ship & itinerary and we can arrange group fares & amenities for your private group.

After travel is completed, group leaders are reimbursed for their travel based on the number of people that travel in their group (land or cruise). 

If you have an idea for a group (cruise or land based) that you would like to escort, email us ( to schedule an appointment to discuss your proposal.  We will discuss what you need in order to have a successful group, and what we can do to help you.

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